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Current situation of packaging machinery industry in China in 2016

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Packaging equipment planning for the 13th Five-Year report shows that people generally keen attention "to realize China's packaging machinery equipment independent" understanding, what is it? It is understood that the current development of packaging machinery in our country since the reform and opening up has been imported, the main task of the State Council "equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan" to determine the industrial restructuring and revitalization, put forward clearly, to seize the packaging equipment, including light industry and other nine industries, the realization of China's equipment independently. This is from the national level, the main body of the property rights of packaging equipment, research and development, technology innovation, and so on, that is, the realization of China's equipment autonomy".

What rely on "the realization of China's equipment independently", "packaging equipment to implement technology innovation? How in the world packaging machinery packaging machinery stage prop up its own national brand, for a long time, our country of packaging weak technology is weak, cannot break through the existing packaging technology, packaging technology innovation, relevant research institutions do not attach importance to the development and production of new product packaging patent technology, relying on imitation of life. It is understood that China packaging industry technology research team can't meet the new requirements of the development, not only the weak technical force, but also a large number of scientific and technical personnel are transferred from other industries, professional knowledge structure defects, not to understand the mechanical technology of machinery, packaging technology is not familiar with the process of packaging industry, backward professional education professional education and in-service cadres. If the China packaging technology research department, senior researchers and related media to consensus, make efforts, self-reliance, unity, education, scientific research and design department visionary leaders and entrepreneurs to the policy and material support of packaging machinery, so that they are walking in front of the world packaging machinery production line, and not lag behind the production demand. In China, make the raise a Babel of criticism of Guotuiminjin discussion, one of which is that the entry of foreign capital, making China a lot of former national brands by foreign control, the national government worries. For a long time in the past, if all countries become important national brands to foreign brands, the national industry will also be worthy of the name, this is no joke!

In short, the State Council put forward the realization of China's equipment independently "in addition to the relevant supporting policies, shorten our packaging machinery and equipment products with the industry and international advanced product level, rely on or in the mechanism of packaging research in our country intensify in the main body of property rights, research subject, technological innovation and other aspects, to achieve" independent "? At the same time, the related research departments should also vigorously develop existing scientific and technical personnel, fully mobilize their enthusiasm, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities play a role, accelerate the technological progress of enterprises, actively participate in the world packaging machinery market competition, get rid of the long-term Chinese outsiders buckle to "plagiarism and imitation" "hat" self-reliance of hard struggle China! The packaging industry must rely on their own strength to develop new technology, new equipment products, bigger and stronger, with a strong response to the packaging machinery industry increasingly fierce competition in the field of packaging technology! It is our country is absolutely the world first-class talent and first-class technology. In particular, made in China is accelerating the implementation of the 2025, and gradually move into the era of intelligent manufacturing. The concept of industrial 4 is also gradually penetrated in the food packaging industry, plastic packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises are committed to the development of optical mechanical and electrical integration, intelligent, modular or modular as the representative of the new technology. There are many manufacturers of robot and packaging equipment integrated into a production line, from the pre handling, sorting to the production of packaging, to the latter part of the inspection, storage and transportation, always all kinds of automation technology in the packaging industry. Not only has a higher packaging speed, more accurate packaging accuracy, but also can achieve low energy consumption, cost savings for the enterprise.

We Chinese since ancient times there is such a spirit, a previous study momentum, since ancient times, pioneering research "four great inventions", especially in recent years, Chinese technological creation to establish excellent image and reputation in the world market, such as manned space flight is not high the Shenzhou V, Shenzhou VI technology, don't let some foreigners want? China packaging research institutions has been constantly looking for gaps, learn new technologies constantly, gradually production from the high degree of automation, good reliability and flexibility, packaging machinery technology production speed, higher content of technology characteristics. Collaborative research with innovation enterprises play the main role of structural adjustment, boost the industry, enterprises and the formation of "small and fine, fine and specialized, and strong" pattern of industrial development; to strengthen the construction of standards, testing, equipment platform, enterprises should encourage the use of domestic packaging machinery equipment technology to encourage private enterprises to develop.

Let packaging machinery in China looked up again in the world, to make our packaging machinery industry breakthrough. Let the State Council put forward the realization of China's equipment independently "extremely elegant and valuable reverberates in the world packaging machinery Center stage.

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