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2017: "five good" packaging and printing industry

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In 2017, the curtain has been opened, looked around, found the material prices surge, discontinued limited production, withdrawal of foreign investment and industrial demand, depression and other problems did not give the packaging printing people bring psychological shadow, we are full of confidence for the new year.
The prospect of 2017: "five good" made good packaging printing industry

In fact, for in the packaging and printing industry, we have enough reason to have confidence in the future, because the economy is Chinese by exports and investment, real estate led to consumer driven transformation, but also to the industry brought far more than other industry opportunities.

The new year opened agricultural, agricultural product packaging blowout

Many signs, from the beginning of 2017, the first year of the new China agriculture is about to open a new agricultural construction will lead out of the bottom Chinese with vigour and vitality. China's good hardware, excellent location, unparalleled natural resources, the future is expected to beat the United States to become the world's farm. The next few years, the new agricultural marketing mode from the farm to the table will stimulate the amount of packaging, packaging, incremental plastic soft packing corrugated will produce as vast as the boundless heavens.

Express package rapid growth

In recent years, in the export packaging and luxury packaging shrink, express package at an average annual growth of around 45%, up China packaging industry one day. In 2016, China's express package is expected to exceed 30 billion, then it will need 30 billion, 4 billion 300 million AWB textile bag, 12 billion bags, 4 billion 500 million paper envelopes, 14 billion 400 million boxes, 24 billion 500 million meters of tape, 4 billion 300 million internal buffer package. According to China's postal sector forecast, 2017 express packaging will exceed 40 billion in 2018 is expected to reach 50 billion.

Packaging printing made equipment is expected to burst

2017, packaging and printing industry officially entered the depth of the transition period, the traditional packaging and printing equipment does not meet the personalized requirements of packaging to intelligent digital inkjet printing, 3D printing, new sensors, intelligent control systems, industrial robots, automated production line sets as the representative of the equipment manufacturing industry system may achieve new breakthroughs. With Haier as the representative of the terminal customer production model of the big change, the future of the industry in line with the trend of the development of the 4 era of new packaging and printing machinery manufacturing equipment is expected to surge.

Creative packaging design demand blowout

With extensive use of intelligent equipment, liberated from the pipeline in humans will have more time to engage in creative and leisure, the pursuit of more beautiful life. The product packaging customization, electricity supplier of agricultural products on the creative packaging design raging like a storm, the demand is very great. It is not difficult to foresee, can help brands firmly grasp the consumers, so that they carry on the creative packaging design will usher in a blowout.

Paper furniture, display of props, props of education development

2017, suitable for customization, green environmental protection, superior performance of paper products and paper products is expected to get creative development. Paper furniture from Europe and the rapid air tide is sweeping the globe, paper furniture, environmental protection, fashion, cheap, with rental crowd transition needs, and paper furniture need to assemble themselves, this fun DIY is attracting the young generation. Paper display props with its low carbon environmental protection, easy processing, removable, beautiful, high strength, convenient transportation, Recyclable with excellent characteristics, is expected in the exhibition site, shop window, theme park, theme restaurants and even dominate the field. In addition not only paper books, paper, paper stereo toy amusement park by the children's favorite, many education departments are struggling to find a prop to open children's education creative ability, which in turn is the packaging printing industry to open up a new field.

Small series, packaging and printing industry in 2017 seem to be using the "ship sails pass by the side of the diseased trees ahead wanmuchun" to describe. Backward production capacity has been made era abandoned, new business flourish, so that we have enough confidence in the packaging and printing industry together.

Perhaps, this is one of the worst of times, is also one of the best times!

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