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Expected in 2020 China's packaging enterprises will enter the ranks of high-tech

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Recently, the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the "guidance" on accelerating the transformation and development of China's packaging industry, proposed that by 2020, China's packaging industry in the main business revenue reached 2 trillion and 500 billion yuan, the enterprise group or the formation of more than 15 annual output value of more than 5 billion yuan, listed companies and high-tech enterprises increased sharply. The formation of a number of well-known brand with strong influence.

"Opinions" put forward in 2020, two large and medium-sized enterprises in the above level fusion packaging integrated to enhance the stage more than 80% small and medium-sized enterprises, the application of information technology to carry out the proportion of research and development, management and production control of the increase from the current 30% to 55% above; the whole industry industrial added value of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of industrial strength, the added value of water consumption decreased by more than 20%; completed more than 5 packaging standard innovation research base, the selection of a number of standardization demonstration pilot enterprises. Digital, network design and manufacturing model is widely promoted, the initial establishment of packaging waste recycling system, the number of military and civilian packaging and quality significantly improved, built a number of military and civilian integration packaging base.

It is understood that China is the world's second large packing, packaging industry ranked 38 major industries in China in Fourteenth place, has become an important part of China manufacturing system. At present, China's packaging industry has been built covering design, production, inspection, circulation and recycling the whole life cycle of the products relatively complete system, divided into packaging materials, packaging products, packaging equipment and three categories of paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, wood packaging five sub sectors. 2015, the national packaging enterprises more than 25, the packaging industry's main business income exceeded $1 trillion and 800 billion.

But our packaging industry is still big but not strong, mainly for industry independent innovation ability is weak, advanced equipment and key technology of high dependence on imports; the extensive mode of production enterprises of high input, high consumption, high emission is more common; packaging manufacturing process automation, information and intelligence level the industry needs to be improved; the imbalance of regional development, lack of coordination, low grade, homogeneous products production enterprises outstanding repeated construction.

To this end, the "opinions" the implementation of the "three" strategy, the development of industrial agglomeration advantage; strengthening technological innovation, enhance the core competition ability; to promote the integration of the two, promotion of intelligent manufacturing level; strengthen construction standards, promote international benchmarking management; optimize the industrial structure, forming a pattern of coordinated development; cultivate new format, expand the space industry development; carry out green production, construction of seven main task cycle development system.

The packaging industry "three" strategy is to increase product variety, improve product packaging packaging quality and packaging products brand cultivation. Specifically, in order to optimize the traditional product structure, expand the dominant product based on the advantages of the initiative to adapt to the needs of intelligent manufacturing models and diverse consumer demand, enhance the ability to upgrade the service for the consumer. Through innovative design, production processes and technical means, research and development of new packaging materials, new products, new equipment, promote product variety and enhance the ability to supply services. Focus on the development of green, reusable, high performance packaging materials, to accelerate the development of networking, intelligent, flexible package equipment, high-end products in the development of functional, personalized and customized, through a rich product variety, product structure optimization, demand pull drive consumption.

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